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Happy New Year 🎆🎇

We would like to wish everyone a "Happy New Year" and a welcome back to Hollies. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely break. All the children have come back full of exciting stories and adventures to tell us about, which have been lovely to hear. Everyone has settled back in full of smiles and ready to start the New Year.


We had a great first week back in Holiday Club last week and have got lots of exciting things to tell you about.

We started the week by making marshmallow igloos which looked amazing (and hopefully tasted even better). The children were very careful when constructing their igloos.


We did lots of crafts including making snowmen who shot out snowballs and confetti, salt art pictures and we had lots of paper airplanes flying around.

Some of the boys made an amazing den outside that had different rooms and seats inside and they loved the big obstacle course that we built inside.


Some of our older girls made a 'nail salon' and we had some beautifully painted nails at the end.


Over the holidays the seeds have really been growing and have started to grow stems. We already have so many!!

We can't wait to see what they look like in a few more weeks.

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