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The Hollies Vision


At The Hollies, it is our vision to continue to support every child’s individual needs by allowing them the freedom of choice and growth within a safe and happy environment. We actively promote fundamental British Values such as democracy, mutual respect and understanding that rules matter.

We celebrate every child’s uniqueness; encouraging and inspiring them to create, explore, be imaginative and learn in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, whilst offering them a broad range of educational opportunities.

It is our vision to welcome parents/carers into the Hollies, at every opportunity, to come and join in their child’s adventures at the Hollies. We will strive to have open days and support parents/carers in their role as main educator to their child.

We will aim to provide relevant and up to date training for all staff and endeavour to include other pre-schools so training can be shared.

We advocate a sense of belonging and strive to develop self-esteem through; fun, respect, teamwork and equality.


We celebrate our success with great pride.

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