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A Cold Wintery Week ❄

We have had a great start to the year in Afterschool and Breakfast Club. With all the cold weather we have spent lots of time inside but the children have enjoyed being back and doing lots of games and activities.


As always football has been a big hit, especially who gets to go and collect the ball from the field!


Some of the girls have enjoyed playing school's and were great teachers. They welcomed some of the younger children to their game and helped them to join in.

It was a great school full of fun and smiles, they even allowed dogs and hair dressers 😀.


The children have also been making spaceships with aliens inside, they were awesome and the children were so proud to show everyone 🛸.


There has been some amazing building with lots of different resources and the children have loved lots of different card games, especially with the biggest pack of cards ever!!


We are looking forward to lots more excitement over the next few weeks. Our Home Corner has just been turned into a shop and is ready for lots of customers and workers to visit.

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