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A Great Big Blue Bear!!!

What a week it has been. We've had lots of excitement in pre-school.


Our children have had great fun this week. They have spent lots of time at the hairdressers, cutting, brushing and styling hair. A favourite style being 'clips galore' which is created by putting every clip you can find in your clients hair. It looks fabulous!!


We have also started to make our Christmas Cards, this year we have got some very cute reindeer pictures which the children have loved painting and decorating.

We are already looking forward to our walk to the post box to send them home.


We have been watching our planter where we put the flower seeds and this week some have sprouted! How exciting ;). They are very small and yellow at the minute, I wonder what they will look like next and how many there will be?

How many flowers will there be?

  • 0%2

  • 0%5

  • 0%10

  • 0%More than 10


I think the children's favourite part of the week was when Frances came to visit and brought a really big bear with her.

Frances read us a great story called 'Whales on the bus'. The children were amazing and listened, joined in and sang along with the story. Some were a little bit unsure when the bear arrived as he was so big, but once they realised how friendly he was the room was full of giggles, especially when he wiggled his bum during head, shoulder, knees and toes. We didn't want Frances to leave so she very kindly read us another story and sang a song with us. I hope the children all enjoyed their story they got to take home.


I wonder what adventures we will get up to next?

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