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A Great First Week Back 😊

What an exciting first week back we had in Pre-School. The children have loved telling us all about Christmas and their time off. It sounds like you all had a fabulous break.


We started off the week by welcoming some new friends, who have all settled in really well 🥰. We have also welcomed a new teddy to Hollies. Please meet Sammy the Sloth 🦥, he was named by the children and was brought here all the way from Costa Rica to play with us.

He has been given such a lovely welcome and so many hugs!!


Last week was all about seeing our friends again and the children have been so excited to see each other. They have done some lovely playing. Sports have been especially popular, Including; Football, Tennis, Squash, Basketball and even some Archery.

We are supporting the children to help each other when they find something a bit tricky and have introduced something called a 'Special Helper' which they absolutely love. We choose a different special helper each day and they get to wear a special jacket. When the children need help they can find the person wearing the jacket and ask them. It's been going amazing so far and the helpers have been wonderful.

We have also got some new stickers which you might have seen which say specific things on them such as 'kindness is my superpower' and 'I made a good choice'. This is to help the children understand what they have done really well and what the sticker is for.


Our theme of the term is 'Climate and Environment' and we will be doing lots of different activities all about the environment and changes that we may see. There are so many amazing things we can teach the children about and we are very excited. We started off this morning with different arctic animals in the trough and made some snow to go inside. It started lots of really interesting conversations.

We are looking forward to another exciting week this week and maybe even some snow ❄⛄, it's definitely cold enough!!

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