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Off to Lyme Park We Went!

We had another amazing trip out on Wednesday to Lyme Park and the Skylarks Forest School.


There was so many different things for us to find and explore whilst we were there. We saw, ducks and ducklings, geese and goslings, there were highland cows, lots of dogs and we even saw some blue dragon flies, they were very fast fliers so you had to look really carefully.

On our walk around the park we also spotted some amazing wood carvings in the tree trunks, there was a dog, butterfly and a man. The children loved these.


The park was great fun. We spent lots of time climbing, balancing, sliding, swinging and spinning!

We were full of smiles and giggles all day.

Especially when we had matching injuries! 😂


We spotted the 2 highland cows on our walk up to the woods, one even had a baby with her. Up in the wood we had a great time. The forest school had so much for us to do.

The children were all very careful whilst sawing their own wood to make medals. Then we had to use a drill to make a hole for the string, afterwards we could decorate them.


There was some very tricky rope to balance on.

Even the mummies and daddies had a go...


There was a mud kitchen so we could do lots of cooking and creating. We even made our own paint with chalk and water.


Some of the children helped to light the fire, they got to use a firelighter and make a spark.

After the fire was lit we watched as the water boiled and then got turned into hot chocolate, then the popcorn kernels were put on and we listened as they all popped. It was all very tasty.


There was also lots of different things for us to climb and swing in.


We hope those of you that joined us had a wonderful day aswell 💗.

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