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Our Afterschool Adventures

We have had great fun in afterschool over the last few weeks and there is so much to tell you about.


One of our favourite activities is building and we have made some amazing and really tall things.

We even did some building in the sand.


We really enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year. We used the dress up clothes and turned into dragons, we made our own dragons and ate LOTS of fortune cookies.

I wonder if any have come true yet?


We would like to say thank you for the jigsaws that were donated, the children have really enjoyed doing them. Our new Avengers one is a great hit (it even goes 3D) and we have loved the burger one.

We also really love crafting, completing activities planned by the staff or using the junk modelling box and making our own creations.

We are looking forward to another half term of lots of fun 🥰.

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