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The Year of the Dragon!


We have had another exciting week at Hollies.

We did so much for Children's Mental Health week and there's lots to tell you about.

Over the week we have been talking to the children all about feelings and what can make us feel different ones. We made a special stone with each of the children and asked them what they felt, we had some great words and the stones looked wonderful.

We have also done lots of activities in circle times, reading stories and using the mirrors to try and copy the faces, and drawing our own faces on lollipop sticks.

We have been doing lots of dancing and singing to make us feel happy and painting all our feelings.

We have such a broad range of feelings and emotions which can sometimes be overwhelming, so helping our children to understand what these are and what can make us feel them is so important. It allows them to express themselves to us and helps them to process what is happening, giving them the opportunity to find solutions and ways to self-regulate or help their friends.


🌍The children have absolutely loved our hot air balloon. We have travelled all over the world exploring so many places, we went to the beach, the jungle and the zoo to see all the animals. We have had pilots helping us fly and people fixing the engines when we broke down. The children have been so interested about how the balloons fly's and have had some really amazing questions. Our younger children have had great fun having circle time inside, especially when we listened to 'Up, Up, Up'. 🌄

This group of children absolutely LOVE stories so when the CD player comes on, all the chairs come out 😂.


There is lots to explore and celebrate over the coming week before we break up for half term. Over the weekend it was Chinese New Year and this year is the Year of the Dragon. We will be exploring lots about China. We have got a Chinese restaurant in the home corner, which has produced some great food already. There is some Chinese letters in the art area that we can use to try and mark make all around the setting, inside and out, and we have got lots of different clothes to try on in the home corner. Of course with it being the year of the dragon there will be lots of dragons 🐲, so you may see a few flying around.

We have even got some fortune cookies to try, I wonder what fortunes we may get?


Tomorrow is also a very exciting day, celebrating one of the best foods. It's PANCAKE DAY!!!

So we thought we might have a bit of a competition. With all the different toppings and sauces that can go on top, we want to see who can make the best pancake face. Once you have created it please take a picture and send it in and we will decide which one looks the best. The winner will be announced on our next blog. We can't wait to see your creations.



We are looking forward to another fun week and hope you all have a great Half-Term. Fingers crossed the sunshine will come out to play🌞.

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