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Up, Up and Away we go...


Well it has been little while since our last blog and there is so much to catch you up on!

We're going to go all the way back to the snow in January which the children absolutely LOVED!

We have enjoyed sledging, and exploring with the magnifying glasses to see what we could find.

The floor was nice and cosy for a little rest with the extra padding from the snow, and it was great fun trying to make a snow angel whilst down there.

We even tried to make our own snow bricks which looked really cool. If the snow comes again we might try and turn them into an igloo.

The children enjoyed watching the school children on the field making snowmen, they were really impressed with how big the snowballs got.


The children have also been doing lots of different crafting and building activities using all sorts of different resources.

We have been practicing our fine motor skills by sewing with the thread and cards ...

...doing lots of building and negotiations about where the bricks should go...

...and even made a helipad so the helicopters 🚁can land.

We have enjoyed making lots of different places so we can sit down and have a rest, or even a sunbathe 🌞.


We have absolutely loved the shop and it has created so many conversations and opportunities for roleplay. The children have had great fun working on the till, being customers and even shop assistant to help keep the shop clean and tidy.

The pretend money was a big hit.

Break time was the most important part of the day, so we could have a good chat and a snack 🤣.


On Friday we celebrated National Hedgehog day, which is to help raise awareness of the shrinking hedgehog population, and had lots of hedgehog activities.

The children already knew some amazing things about them, they are nocturnal, they hibernate and they really like to eat slugs and worms.

We went on a walk to the school field to see if we could collect some sticks.

and we collected lots!!

We then used the sticks and made playdough hedgehogs, which were really cute 🦔.


The children and staff have a got a new favourite book at the minute called 'Up, Up, Up' so we are all about Hot Air Balloons at the minute.

If you would like to have a listen with the children at home, here is the link...

We have been making a special hot air balloon to display in Badger Base, using a balloon and paper mache. It is currently being painted and having the basket fitted, we can't wait to see how it looks once it's finished.

The home comer has been turned into a hot air balloon ready for us to fly away on lots of adventures, there has already been some this morning.


This week is Children's Mental Health week and is focusing on 'My Voice Matters'. We will be focusing on supporting the children with their emotions and feelings through a range of different activities. Singing and Dancing is great for mental health so will be having our own little dance party everyday. We will also be reading lots of stories and chatting lots about how we are feeling, plus lots more.


Have a great week, I wonder where we will all fly off to 🤠.

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